неделя, 12 декември 2010 г.

friend abuse

Being blind is just a test,
into worries, under stress
will you make it for the rest?
Or will you cut their tiny progress?

Blind we are for all the bad,
that we make to others, even dad,
hurting them by been simply sad,
but digging there like a filthy rat.

Digging is what makes them grief,
about a problem that we have brought,
for just a moment you would argue brief,
and then you will know - it is all we've got.

Because the problem simply doesn't matter,
when your friends are sad, and so are you,
you've spread it on all of them like it's better,
than to have some fun and smiles inside the crew.

Problems may look like trouble,
bringing bad, and make you sorrow,
but remember that and make it count,
unknown goodness hides in every round.

And so we play our game of luck,
a round we win, a round we simply seem to suck.
you would never know the win when loose
so enjoy your live, and stop the friend abuse!