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Note app for Android

Note application for Android   there is also   free (add supported) version

Taking a note in 3 easy steps with Note widget application:
  1. Tap on the widget
  2. Type in your note
  3. Leave the application

Your notes are always safe and at hand
  • no extra actions
  • no unnecessary buttons
  • no 'New Note'
  • the fastest way to write a note and keep it safely at hand
  • independent from external storage/SD card
  • your notes are save at your sdcard, even if you uninstall the application
  • your notes are save, even if your sdcard gets damaged, or it's content delete (but the app installed)

To start using the Note application, first add the widget on your screen:
  1. Hold your finger
  2. Tap on 'Widgets'
  3. Select 'Note', and choose the best size, that fit your needs

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