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Scramble - Android game

Game of words - training for scrabble
Find as many words as you can using the 7 letters!
In Scramble you get 7 scrambled letters. Make word by taping on the letters, then tap on Enter.

More about the game:
On the left side left side there is information about the current score.

In that case, the current score is 3%, we have found 1 word out of 30 in the dictionary, and the tick means that searching for words have completed.

You can do more by tapping the (Hardware) Menu button of your phone,
it may not be a physical press, but a sensor one like this ,
or you may have phone like Nexus that have software keys,
in that case the tree does is the Menu button 

Tap on the Menu button to see the Scramble's menu.
Tap on "New game" to start game with different letters
Tap on "Replay" to challenge a friend to play with the same letters
Tap on "I give up" to see the list of all words that these letters can make*
Tap on "Top Scores" to check out the best players results. You will be asked if you wnat to submit you surrent score, if you you do, please type a unique nickname, so you know that this is your result. You can change the nickname from Preferences if you like.
Tap on "Share" to send your score to a friend, using mail or any chat program you have on the phone, Google +. Facebook app will now allow any pre-defined text, so you can publish only using a Browser.
Tap on "More" to see other menu options like Preferences, Custom letters, and How to play
Tap on "Preferences" to change how the game looks, to activate Time Limit, Pro Score, or Auto Send Score, as well as to change your nickname for Top Scores web page.
Tap on "Custom letters" to play with letters of your choice

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