четвъртък, 25 април 2013 г.

Sex Dice

A sex position to enjoy, and a place to remember.

Look around with your partner, and you will both get exited just looking and talking about doing it.

Do you want to try something new, and exiting? At a place you have not done it before.
Spin the "dice" and find original sex position, and where to do it.

Try to do every position, and cover as many places as you can.

Tap on the image to zoom it and move it around, then tap on the ? (Help) button, to see explanations for this position!
The left spinner will show you the sex position you should try with your partner.
The right spinner will tell you where - please be reasonable, and avoid danger!
No actual dice, here, but still a matter of luck!

Sex Dice is application for everyone over 18.


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